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I´m a young gal from New York and i´m wicked smaht. My biggest problem is I confuse true love with eye contact a lot. I like freaks.

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Beauty for Novembre Magazine

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Nicola Wincenc

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Cute dog nearly stepped on my breast. Wouldn’t be too cute anymore.



Pulp Zine

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My life ain’t that exciting


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This umbrella is comfortably replacing my weak limb to support my weak head


I’ve heard and felt my shorts rip twice within the past hour when I bent down so I’m not even sure how much of me is exposed right now.


Guy just told me he was really wet and left, but he wasn’t wet, and I understand now.


I’ve been spending money like there’s no mañana. Mainly just to revisit worker babes.

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Not sure hw 2 funcion properly wit dis mega baaaebe sittingg nex 2 me

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