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I´m a young gal from New York and i´m wicked smaht. My biggest problem is I confuse true love with eye contact a lot. I like freaks.

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I applied to Buffalo Exchange in bk last week & I spoke to the manager and she said I’ll hear back in 1-2 weeks and I’m not sure if last week counted as a week so I’m kinda bummed ‘cos I’m not good at understanding.

I went to see Darwin Deez at the BK Night Bazaar in March & that was the lamest show I’ve ever been to, the crowd wasn’t giving off cool vibes either so I left during the third song.

I lost my iPod a month ago after a crazy night at Silent Barn & someone emailed me the other day telling me it was there so I went to pick it up & they were nice n’ all and gave it back and told me they were using my music as the house music n’ that’s pretty cool.

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Can someone plz send me more pics of female nipples with creatures on them?


i just want u 2 like me stupid fuckboy

Sweet boy, I kind of hate you

How unprofessional I look in a professional environment.


Photo: Cali Thornhill Dewitt

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this is absolutely incredible

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In standing on this dirty NYC sidewalk like I’m ok but I’m not, I’m cold inside and out.

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I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold I’m cold. Hug me.

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Please stop feeding me, the sound of his voice is enough nutrition for a week.


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I might be getting a job soon at a thrift store so plz visit me so I don’t feel lonely bc it’ll be difficult for me to socialize and make friends so just tell me you are my friend and I’ll be ok. ok?

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