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I´m a young gal from New York and i´m wicked smaht. My biggest problem is I confuse true love with eye contact a lot. Drifter in pursuit of becoming a writer, whether it be a good one or a whatev one. I like freaks.

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The other day my siblings and I were trading condoms as if they were baseball cards.

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I should clean my room soon ‘cos my cat is gonna give birth any day and I hope to yeezuz not on my clothes.

Bill Cosby

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I know it sounds terrible to say this but I hope flight 370 is not found bc I want to believe it was aliens.

I just wrote a letter of complaint to Dominoes pizza addressing a burnt pizza. My adult symptoms are surfacing.

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I just found $22, a metro card, & my credit card in the pockets of my favorite jeans that I have not washed for 3 weeks and have regularly worn. I wear them a lot & don’t wash them ´cos they accumulate love & soul - not dirt. 

"I saw her but I didn’t talk to her or anything." - me, talking about a baby that is yet able to speak.

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My sister alway leaves behind the bad grapes and sticks them back in the fridge.

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There are boy nudes on my desktop

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I haven’t changed out of this jumpsuit for 3 days now, including nights.


“‘86 crowd of people” (at Brooklyn Night Bazaar)


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